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The Tax Attorney Roswell GA Calls First

Taxes are complex, but need not be stressful. The tax law firm of Britt and Burroughs works to ensure that you’re not paying more than what the laws demand.  When you have tax questions, we’re the tax attorneys to call first.

Business Tax Advice

Taxes impact nearly every business decision. For many Roswell businesses, however, taxes are an afterthought. Further, engaging a tax attorney seems like a last resort rather than a strategic planning opportunity. Britt and Burroughs provides tax advice and consultation so Roswell business owners and executives can both understand the tax consequences of a potential business decision and proactively optimize its tax impact. It is always better to preemptively plan to avoid tax mistakes rather than try and react to negative tax consequences or a letter from a tax authority. Whether maximizing a deduction, minimizing certain income events or optimally structuring a particular transaction, we can help ensure there are no tax surprises lurking under your next significant business decision.

Personal Taxes

For individual taxpayers, taxes impact almost every significant life decision. Getting married, starting a family, purchasing or selling a Roswell home, and starting a retirement or investment plan can all have significant tax consequences. A small investment in tax advice on the front end is always more cost effective than paying for a mistake on the back end. Call Britt & Burroughs today to schedule a consultation and find peace of mind knowing that your next major life event will not arrive with a hefty tax bill.

Britt & Burroughs - the tax attorney Roswell GA calls first for estate planning and more.

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Prepare for the Next Tax Filing Season Now

Tax problems can occur at any time. But now is the time to consult a tax attorney in anticipation of filing your taxes. There are several strategies that can be implemented to save you at tax time. Call the tax lawyers at Britt & Burroughs today to assist you with your tax law compliance and return preparation needs.

Each tax situation is unique. Our tax law firm will take the necessary time to understand your scenario prior to offering planning options or filing strategies.

Avoid problems! If you receive any letter or notice from the IRS or a state tax department, contact us immediately. Allow our tax attorneys to advocate and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected. We are tax relief and tax resolution specialists!

We can help. Call us at 770-427-1776 today.