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 Ignoring a letter from the IRS or a state tax department will not resolve the issue. Call Britt and Burroughs immediately to ensure your rights are protected in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Areas of Tax Representation

Our attorneys have represented taxpayers in resolving a wide variety of tax disputes:


  • Federal Income Tax
  • Federal Estate Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • State and local sales and use taxes
  • Property Tax

The Tax Man Cometh

Nothing induces anxiety and raises blood pressure quite like a notice from the Internal Revenue Service or a state tax authority. Many taxpayers react by ignoring the problem in hopes that it somehow resolves itself. Unfortunately, this never happens. If you have received a notice or letter from the IRS or a state tax department, call Britt and Burroughs today so that we may fight the battle on your behalf. By having experienced tax representation, you can be confident that your tax matter will be resolved efficiently with your best interests in mind.

Representation At Any Stage of a Tax Dispute

Call Britt and Burroughs immediately upon receiving any notice or letter from a tax authority. The sooner we can begin advising and advocating on your behalf, the better we can represent your interests and ensure a tax authority does not take more than what is owed. We represent taxpayers at all stages of a tax controversy:


  • Document Preservation and Pre-Audit Risk Assessment
  • Examination (Correspondence, Office or Field Audits)
  • Audit Reconsideration
  • Appeals
  • Proposed Return Changes and/or Statutory Notices of Deficiency
  • Litigation Forum Analysis
  • Litigation is Tax Court, Federal District Court or U.S. Court of Claims
  • Collection Due Process Hearings

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