Tax Compliance

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Consult Britt & Burroughs now in anticipation of filing your yearly taxes. There are strategies that can be implemented to save you money at tax time.

Return Preparation

Every individual and business must annually determine its tax filing obligations. Return preparation and filing can appear straightforward, but a variety of potential pitfalls and costly mistakes always lurk. Indeed, every IRS or state tax audit begins with an examination a tax return. Therefore, it is important to ensure not only that your return is compliant with current tax laws but also optimized so that you pay no more than required.

Each tax situation is unique. Britt & Burroughs will take the necessary time to understand your tax scenario prior to offering planning options or filing strategies.

Filing Deadlines

For Georgia residents, the IRS has recently extended several filing deadlines due to the affects of Hurricane Irma. Therefore, if you live in or conduct business in Georgia but have yet to file your 2016 returns, you still have time to optimize, prepare and file your 2016 returns. Call us today to review your 2016 records, analyze your filing and tax responsibilities and optimize the preparation of your return.

Prepare for 2018 Filing Season

It is also advisable to consult a tax attorney now in anticipation of filing your 2018 taxes. There are several strategies that can be implemented now to save you at tax time next April. Call Britt & Burroughs today to assist you with your tax compliance and return preparation needs.

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