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What is an IRS Notice CP14?

The IRS Notice CP14 is a letter sent to notify a taxpayer that they owe money to the IRS on unpaid taxes. Why did the IRS send you a CP14 Notice? Based on information that the IRS has they believe that you owe money on taxes. What should you do next? There are multiple options […]

What is an IRS Notice CP2000?

The IRS Notice CP2000 is a letter sent to notify a taxpayer that the income or payment information the IRS has on file does not match the information reported on the tax return. This discrepancy may cause an increase or decrease in your tax or may not change it at all. Why did the IRS […]

What is IRS Notice CP11?

The IRS Notice CP11 is a letter sent to notify a taxpayer of adjustments made to a tax return that result in the taxpayer having additional balance due. Why did the IRS send you a CP11 Notice? When the IRS was processing your return, an error or discrepancy was discovered. The IRS rectified the error […]

What is an IRS Notice CP90?

The IRS Notice CP90 is a letter sent to notify a taxpayer of unpaid taxes and that the IRS intends to levy to collect the amount owed. This notice and referenced publications explain how to request an appeal if you do not agree. Why did the IRS send you a CP90 Notice? You have an […]

IRS Adds QR Technology to Balance Due Notices

Receiving any letter from the IRS can be an intimidating experience that leaves you with more questions than answers. To better understand letters sent from the IRS, taxpayers often search the web for further assistance. Starting this month, the CP14 and CP14 IA notices that inform taxpayers that they have an unpaid balance of taxes due and […]

The IRS and Private Collection Agencies

The IRS is required by law to use private agencies to collect some outstanding, inactive tax debts. However, the IRS only uses four private collection agencies to collect these debts. The companies that are currently under contract to assist in the collection of inactive tax debts are listed below. • CBE Group – P.O. Box 2217 Waterloo, IA 50704 […]

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