On August 21st, 2020, the IRS announced they had suspended the mailing of three notices – the CP501, the CP503 and the CP504. The IRS issues a CP14 Notice to notify taxpayers of a tax balance due. If a taxpayer does not respond to the CP14 Notice, the IRS will issue a CP501, CP503 or CP504. But, the IRS has suspended the issuance of Notices CP501, CP503 and CP504 to reduce confusion for taxpayers who have experienced delays in correspondence from the IRS due to COVID-19.

The temporary suspension of CP501, CP503 and CP504 Notices will remain in effect until the IRS reduces its mail backlog. The IRS continues to assess mail to determine the appropriate time to resume the CP501, the CP503, and the CP504 notices. However, we strongly recommend taxpayers who have received but not yet responded to a CP14 do so immediately.

Also, the IRS announced that payments sent to the IRS will be posted and credited on the date the IRS received them – rather than the date the agency opened and processed them. The IRS urges taxpayers in this situation to not cancel checks and make sure funds continue to be available so the IRS can process them in order to avoid penalties and interest. The IRS is also providing relief from penalties for dishonored checks the agency received between March 1 and July 15 due to delays in IRS processing caused by COVID-19.

If you have received one of these IRS Notices or currently owe taxes to the IRS or a State Tax agency, please contact us to discuss how we can assist in resolving your tax debt.

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