IRS Adds QR Technology to Balance Due Notices

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IRS Adds QR Technology to Balance Due Notices

Receiving any letter from the IRS can be an intimidating experience that leaves you with more questions than answers. To better understand letters sent from the IRS, taxpayers often search the web for further assistance.

Starting this month, the CP14 and CP14 IA notices that inform taxpayers that they have an unpaid balance of taxes due and their payment options are now equipped with QR bar codes to help those taxpayers securely and easily navigate to the website for more information.

Scanning the QR code on the CP14 or CP14 IA gives the taxpayer direct access to the information they need on to better understand their account balance online without the need to call or interact with the IRS directly.

The IRS generally sends more than 8 million CP14 notices each year to taxpayers. They are the first legal notice alerting them that they have a balance due.

The IRS is assessing the possibility of adding other QR codes to other balance due notices in the future.

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