Some taxpayers in danger of losing their passports now have some breathing room, thanks to the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Don’t let the IRS revoke your passport.


The TAS Offers Help

On August 8, 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reminded taxpayers with significant tax debts that the IRS can revoke their passports. Then on August 19, the National Taxpayer Advocate Bridget Roberts said that those who are working to resolve their cases with the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) would be temporarily suspended from the passport decertification process.

The IRS gained the authority to deny and revoke passports through the 2015 “FAST Act,” or Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. As part of this law, the IRS can send notification of “seriously delinquent” taxpayers to the State Department to deny or revoke their passports. In order to be considered “seriously delinquent,” you must have a federal tax liability of more than $52,000.

For those who think they may lose their passport or have a passport application denied because of this program, the IRS advises that the individual has several relief options including:

  1.  A payment agreement – This is a payment plan that can be requested with the IRS. If approved, the taxpayer can set up an online monthly payment plan.
  2.  An Offer in Compromise – This is an agreement that settles the debt for less than the taxpayer owes, based on the taxpayer’s ability to pay.

Taxpayers enrolled and making regular payments through these programs can have their passports approved or reinstated. Taxpayers serving in combat zones are exempt from having their passports revoked, but only during their time of service.

The Tax Attorneys To Call First

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