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Our tax attorneys ensure that the complexity of tax law and the aggressive nature of tax agencies do not force our clients to pay more tax than what they rightfully owe. We advise clients on how to comply with tax laws as efficiently as possible and advocate on their behalf if contacted by the IRS or other tax agency.

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Taxes are Complex

The Internal Revenue Code has tripled in size since 1984 and consists of nearly 75,000 pages of tax statutes. When you also consider the countless volumes of Treasury Regulations and other IRS publications, compliance with tax laws can appear impossible. Even the great Albert Einstein once admitted that the “hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” Although taxes are complex, they need not be stressful. The tax attorneys at Britt and Burroughs have decades of experience advising clients on all matters of federal, state and local taxation. Call or email today to schedule a consultation and allow us to help reduce the complexity and stress of tax compliance.

Tax Agencies are Aggressive

The IRS and state tax departments initiate millions of audits per year. Further, in 2016 the IRS alone assessed nearly 40 million separate civil tax penalties and enforced collection actions against nearly 15 million taxpayers. While tax enforcement and collection should ensure taxpayer compliance, Judge Learned Hand of the Second Circuit famously stated that “nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” Unfortunately, as with all human endeavors, the IRS and state tax departments often make mistakes. Too often the complexity of tax law and the imposing, aggressive nature of tax agencies coax taxpayers into paying more than what they rightfully owe. Britt and Burroughs fights so that clients pay no more than what the tax law demands.


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